Written by: Silvia Klaus of Lucill's Doll  ©2009   /   Translated by: Karin Heger   /    Edited by: Susan Wenck


VdOR – our Association of the Original-Ragdoll


The VdOR, a Swiss association founded on May 17, 2008, was created for the purposes of taking care of the Original-Ragdoll, of fostering and promoting it, and of protecting the breed's origins. We encourage all Original-Ragdoll breeders to become members of the VdOR!


After realizing that new breeders and buyers shared our desire to protect and foster this breed, we decided to become more officially proactive in taking care of the Original-Ragdoll. Four years ago we designed and published the website www.original-ragdoll.ch with the hope of attracting other Original-Ragdoll breeders who were pursuing the same goals. It paid off! The inquiries that we have received include questions like:


• How do I know if I am purchasing an Original Ragdoll?

• Where can I verify the pedigree?

• What do I need to consider before and while breeding Original-Ragdolls?

• Where can I network with other Original-Ragdoll breeders?

The VdOR is here to assist you with all of your questions about Original-Ragdolls, including finding progeny.

What does the Association of the Original-Ragdoll offer?


The site www.original-ragdoll.ch is now the official web site for our organization. The sub site “Links” offers a list of all Original-Ragdoll breeders who have actively been involved in the preservation and fostering of the Original-Ragdoll breed. The label “Traditional Ragdoll” is not used by the VdOR as it only refers to color and variances rather than to the purity of the breed. The registration of the “Links” site is free. Though our association is not driven by profit, it is our goal to be self-supporting.

We will have another sub site, Progeny Market Place, on which members can list their kittens. There is also a site where the sires are introduced and presented.


As an official association, we are eligible to issue genetic certifications. Every Original-Ragdoll used in a breeding program has to carry a transponder chip to ensure guaranteed identification. After January 1, 2010, every breeder Ragdoll, up to two years of age, will have to be DNA typed.


You can become a member if you have certified Original-Ragdolls in your breeding program, and if you share our enthusiasm for protecting and fostering this breed.


Breeders who have Ragdolls that were crossed with a different breed and therefore cannot completely be traced through Denny Dayton's database and/or are breeding other cat breeds in their home, have the following options:


They may apply for a separate cattery name just for the Original-Ragdoll breeding program. Only that way can a clear separation between the Original-Ragdolls and all other breeds be ensured. Further, it simplifies the verification of an Original-Ragdoll prior to it changing ownership, whether it is a breeder cat or a pet. The VdOR only issues genetic certificates for Original-Ragdolls, as noted on the certificate. If a stud lives in the same house, he must be a certified Original-Ragdoll as he will be mated with all the queens. More details can be found in the breeding regulations.


VdOR breeders have to possess the genetic certification issued by the VdOR for their kittens. In addition, they have the option to request a descendant certificate for their Original-Ragdolls from the VdOR. This certificate includes a picture and identification number of the verified cat as well as the registration number, which can always be verified.


Further, members of the VdOR are provided a password that allows them to access the genetics database (or genetics card), incl. Denny Dayton's original data sheets. The terms for usage are outlined in the statutes. After January 1, 2010 we will post the family tree with all cats listed on Denny Dayton's genetic card up until 1994.


We look forward to having a great working relationship with other Original-Ragdoll associations and OR-breeders. The Original-Ragdoll can only be protected if we support each other.


Here in Switzerland, we are dedicated to enabling the Original-Ragdoll to keep and maintain its place in the cat breeding world according to the Original-Ragdoll standards. For more information, please refer to the breeding regulations.


During the VdOR's general assembly in 2009 we agreed to offer a passive membership (versus an active membership) geared toward pet owners of Original-Ragdolls, who would like to make a contribution to the preservation of the Original-Ragdoll breed.


The VdOR is not organizing shows as it does not represent any other breeds.