Written by Silvia Klaus, of Lucill's Doll,  ©2009    /   Translated by Karin Heger   /    Edited by Susan Wenck



Certificates for the Original-Ragdoll


It often happens that potential buyers will inquire as to whether a breeder offers Original-Ragdoll cats. Some 'color breeders' take the liberty and state that, “Yes, all these are Original Ragdolls.” A check with the VdOR's registration and bloodline documents then reveals some random color or version designation or finds that the animal cannot be traced to ancestors listed the Dayton Database. In other words, the cat could therefore not be considered an Original-Ragdoll cat.


Why do we offer this assistance, and what is the purpose of a Genuine Certificate?


Naturally, the cat's ancestry will have be investigated. The certificate will contain all the important data of your Ragdoll,

 including its life number as well as the individual VdOR registration number.


With the Genuine Certificate issued by the VdOR a breeder can proof the true pedigree of his/her Original-Ragdoll(s), thereby establishing a trusted relationship with a potential buyer. Further, with the individual registration number a buyer can verify through the VdOR as to whether the certificate is registered and therefore valid.


In addition, it should be an honor for a breeder to proudly present a Genuine Certificate of his/her progeny to an interested party or to the new parents. Likewise, the new parents will certainly be delighted to receive an official certificate for their new kitty.


Unfortunately, the differences between an Original-Ragdoll and a non-original Ragdoll cannot be determined based on the typical pedigrees issued by various associations. That will probably not change anytime soon, because only the data of Dayton Database gives the necessary details to establish these variances.


Therefore, a Genuine Certificate is a document that supports the Original-Ragdoll; and it will be of great assistance to the OR-breeders as they don't have to re-verify every single Ragdoll that they want to purchase for their breeding program.


Again the certificate can be obtained by all OR-breeders as well as non-members and anyone who owns an Original Ragdoll. The certificate is issued once the particular cat has been checked and its identity is confirmed as an Original-Ragdoll.

How to I get a certificate?


To get that process started, you need to send via mail or email a copy of the official pedigree or bloodline

 and a nice, current photograph of the cat.


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