Written by: Silvia Klaus, 'Of Lucill's Doll', ©2009     /  Translated by Karin Heger  /  Edited by Susan Wenck


Breeds Responsible for Ragdoll with New Colors


The bloodline card of the Ragdoll Fanciers Club International (RFCI) contains all of today's Ragdolls, the pure-bred Original-Ragdolls as well as the new-color Ragdolls. Ragdolls that are not pure Original Ragdolls have the name of the breed with which they were crossed, or the notation of “unknown” added. From that RFCI card, Christine Roellin has copied 50 cats of other breeds on to this site. There are hundreds of Ragdolls that share the “unknown” classification; and there are at least thirty other cats of other breeds that can be added. In other words, an estimated 80 animals of other breeds distributed over 40 years would mean that every half year another breed was crossed with the new-color Ragdoll.


Because breeders have failed to educate themselves over the last 10 to 15 years, and due to the lack of correct and official knowledge, many Original-Ragdoll were used for color breeding purposes. Further, many Original-Ragdolls were spayed or neutered because the color-striving breeders were and still are only focusing on what they don't have: new colors and versions.


During the same time period, achieving new colors was also the focus of European breeders. Today, many of these breeders would like to label their color Ragdolls as Original-Ragdolls. But this just isn't possible. A breeder must choose which breed to go with, whether it is a color Ragdoll or an Original-Ragdoll. Find joy in what you have!

Name Catteryname Color RFCI-Nr. Race
Blazen Baily Unknown B542 Himalayan
Brass Buttons Westpoint sc B414 Himalayan
CANDIDA Kinapak bt C394 Himalayan
Chang Fu Unknown sc C424 Himalayan
CHARMAGNE LES BE BE Unknown sc C425 Himalayan
Chile Shellingwood uu C385 Birma
Cindy Spellbound ms10 C392 Perser
Connection Spellbound crc C393 Himalayan
DAISEY MAE Kinapak bt D208 Himalayan
Diamond Chip Sierra ws D229 Perser
DOLL HARMONY Encore Cats bt D209 RagaMuffin
DOMINO Kinapak ut D230 Himalayan
E.T. Kinapak bks E124 Perser
First Lady Unknown rc F173 Himalayan
Fly Boy Unknown sm F149 RagaMuffin
GRIZELDA Encore Cats ms13 G178 RagaMuffin
Henri-Cat Du Marronnier De Saint Ma Unknown cc H221 Birma
Hershey's Kiss Unknown cc H133 Himalayan
HOLLY HOBBY Liebling Cats ms21 H183 RagaMuffin
Houdini Kats Kradle sm H145 RagaMuffin
Jasmine Kinapak bc J183 Himalayan
Lakota Unknown sc L262 RagaMuffin
LAST SONG Spellbound crc L218 Himalayan
Lil Izod Unknown uu L234 Exotic Shorthair
Lucky Ruffles T Renn rc L427 Himalayan
MISS ABRACADABRA Kats Kradle MS16 M470 RagaMuffin
Moulindebusset Nelson Unknown CM M696 Birma
MS Kiki Unknown rc M376 Himalayan
My Edward Duke-of-Windsor Unknown sc M574 RagaMuffin
My Guy Indigo Unknown SL M729 Balinese
MYSTIQUE Spellbound ms11 M396 Perser
MYSTIQUE Kitty Charm MS11 M396 Perser
Noble Hercules Unknown rc N81 Himalayan
OH SO MELLOW Catastrophe/Lonerock rc O34 Himalayan
PASSIONATE PETRA Unknown st P428 Himalayan
Patriot Jovan RU P228 Perser
PENNYANYDOTS Liebling Cats ms15 P336 RagaMuffin
PERRIWINKLE Silky bc P229 Himalayan
PIZZAZZ Spellbound bt P227 Himalayan
Pizzicato Pizazz Unknown sm P337 RagaMuffin
POWDER PUFF Chittagong fm P420 Birma
PRECIOUS FAITH Unknown rc P242 Himalayan
PRECIOUS MIMI Unknown bt P241 Himalayan
Puff N Stuff Kinapak crc P202 Himalayan
Remington Kitty Charm bks R194 Perser
S.T.P. Spellbound rc S440 Himalayan
Shazam Mouser bc S628 RagaMuffin
SHOW OFF Mouser uu S442 Himalayan
SWEET SUNSHINE Villaroyal crc S390 Himalayan
SWISS MISS Chittagong cm S848 Birma
TASHA Rainbowrags ms23 T253 RagaMuffin
Tenspeed Kinapak crs T218 Perser
Thriller Whisperwood bc T219 Himalayan
TINY Unknown MS16 T310 RagaMuffin
VELVET BROCADE Thesaurus ut V36 Himalayan